Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cool Sites #3

This post is dedicated to a skill that I find lacking in so many children, including my own! That skill is good, old fashion, keyboarding skills!

All of the sites below can also be found on my website - macconnell.wikispaces.com - click on the left hand side on "typing help."

Typing Web is a great site for a tutorial on how to type. Typing Web teaches you the proper way to type starting with the Home Row and ending with fast paced advanced lessons. When you go to Typing Web, it will ask you to register, but NO REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. If you choose to register it will keep track of your progress and you will be able to have access to other material. Registration is FREE. 

This is one of the most played typing games on my site. Dance Mat Typing is a wonderful game that teaches kids how to type in a quick and fun way. The lessons are short, so boys and girls tend not to lose interest in the fact that they are learning how to type! 

You guessed it! Just like Dance Dance Revolution but for typing! Type Type Revolution is a great game to play once you are comfortable with the position of the keys.


Typing Adventure 1 and Typing Adventure 2 are definitely games - but they do a great job of reinforcing the Home Row in students. In Typing Adventure 1, you must help the "Indiana Jones" boy hop from stone to stone using the Home Row as your starting point. You will move much faster if your hands stay on the Home Row! 
In Typing Adventure 2, you are again helping the boy find the treasure except this time, the keys are spread out all over the keyboard. Did I mention that if you press the wrong button your player gets zapped with lightning? Be careful!! :) 

I have mentioned ABCya before - this time I want to tell you about 3 games that students enjoy on it. All three games can be found in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade LETTER section. 

1. Cups stacking - just like the game except you must type in the correct letters to remove a cup. WARNING - VERY ADDICTIVE!
2.  Alpha Muncher - pick an avatar and stop the aliens from eating your lunch by typing in the correct letters.

3.  Keyboard Challenge - This one is very hard, but a great test to see how well you know where the letters, numbers and symbols are on a computer keyboard.


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